It’s hard to dig your way out of a grave.

Having a mental health crisis is like starring in your own horror movie.

When I was getting sober I had trouble finding helpful resources that were written in a relatable way. So I created the newsletter I wish I had back then: it’s funny, with realistic recovery advice, written by someone who understands what it’s like to be buried alive by addiction and mental health issues.

I’m a health and wellness copywriter with a background in standup and sketch comedy. That means I’ve written for organizations like Oscar, Northwell, Violet, and Tempest, but I’ve also worn a lot of wigs and done a lot of dumb accents. I also really like horror movies and I’ve been sober since 2013.

This newsletter is for folks who want to take their mental health seriously, and at the same time, not take life too seriously.

What you’ll get:

  • Practical advice on navigating life in recovery

  • Useful tips for taking care of your mental health

  • Thoughtful insights into the horror genre

  • Really good, really specific mixtapes

  • Essays on getting your shit together after quitting drinking

Important disclaimer:

I’m not a mental health clinician and this newsletter is not intended as medical advice, or to replace therapy or addiction support services. You should absolutely seek out therapy from a licensed professional! If you are in the process of getting sober, I strongly recommend peer support services, whether it’s your local chapter of AA, NA, or other support groups.

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